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The Rose's Thorn: A Two Roads Novel

She is coming back.
Those were the words Christopher, governor of Pelagia, had hoped to hear for ten years when Isabella left with a vow of vengeance upon the hated Bellarians who had ransacked their town.  However, the return of the girl he’s often loved and tried to forget now only fills him with anxiety and perhaps regret for choosing duty over love.
Both of their fathers perished in the invasion, however Christopher’s was the governor which lays an obligation upon the boy to follow in his father’s footsteps.  Now, Isabella the Conqueror returns home, having exterminated the Bellarians and been appointed the kingdom’s newest general.
In her absence, Christopher has used the task of rebuilding Pelagia to distract him from the thoughts of her.  The fear that another attack might come at any time has motivated Christopher to improve the town’s defenses and infrastructure as to make sure the events of that fateful day are never repeated, and largely, he has forgotten her until now – when the news of her return opens old wounds and feelings.
Already preoccupied with making sense of her and his own life, Christopher’s fears are realized when another attack on the city triggers a threat much bigger than the Bellarians ever were.  All the preparations he has made over the past ten years will be tested as a brother chooses love over good judgment.

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