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Why You Should See Vienna Teng With Me: Part I

Okay, so on November 20th, Vienna Teng is finally returning to Seattle to support her new album.  Last week, I posted my very pretentious blog about what I like about music, and at the very pinnacle of that list is VT.  (Yes, I will be trademarking that clearly original and inventive nickname quite soon.)  I'm going to try to convince you why you should see Vienna Teng with me. 

  1. First, she's awesome. 
  2. Second, there's no lip syncing or prerecorded bits at all.  It's actually quite fascinating how she uses a looper in imaginative and unique ways for her live shows.
  3. Third, the show is only $23 bucks before dumb servicing fees.  That's like a half or a third of your normal mainstream concerts and is three times better and funnier. 
  4. Fourth, clearly you would enjoy my company. 

How you aren't convinced by those four very important points is beyond me.  By the way, you can find the link for tickets to the show here.  However, if you are still not thoroughly convinced of the double rainbowness of this event, let me further pontificate.  For the next couple or gazillion weeks, I'll feature a Vienna Teng song that I feel might be able to swing you to my side.  The first one is The Breaking Light  off of her new album, Aims.  

The Breaking Light

You can find out about the origin of the song here, so I won't bother to recap that.  Needless to say, it's a song about being lost and finding your way back to where you belong.  I won't be like those pompous English lit nerds on songmeanings.com that try to give you their interpretation of what the song is about and pretend that anyone's interpretation is the right one.  Sorry, but I don't believe in relativism.  The author's intent of the song is what the song means.  However, how the song makes you feel is quite another story. 

And what I will tell you about The Breaking Light is that it makes me feel safe.  No matter how crappy the situation is around you, there is a thread that will lead you back home.  Whatever that thread is .... love from your friends, family and significant other .... love from your Savior .... love for your country .... I think that it's important to have that in your life.  You need that safety net, that call that steers you to the right place -- especially in these uncertain times. 

It's hard for our graduates to find a job in the fields they've prepared for.  It's hard to find love.  It's hard for us to want to provide for our families but not sure how to do it.  It's hard for us to be sure that the path we are on is the right one.  It's hard for us to do the right thing when the wrong thing is easier and has less "inconveniences."  It's hard to pursue your dreams and keep going once you get knocked on your butt.

So remember your way back home.  There is something, someone, ... Someone ... that sets you back on the right track.  My favorite part of this song is at 2.26 when that instrumental shows up.  There's something about it that gives me a sense of wonder and hope.  It tells me that there's still somewhere I need to be even though this rut I might be in now has me running in place.  Don't lose heart no matter how bad it looks, how bad it feels.  There is always hope as long as you know where to look.


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