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Last Attempt to Get You to See Vienna With Me: Part IV

So Vienna's coming to Seattle next Wednesday, and I'd love for you to join me.  This is my last attempt to convince you to come with me.  You can buy tickets here.  So here we go.  Last week was a bit of a downer, so today we'll do a double dose of happier songs.

St. Stephen's Cross

This is actually my favorite song of hers.  Vienna's said this was her attempt of making a soundtrack.  It's a love song of sorts, but Vienna being Vienna adds layers to the song that make it more interesting than a usual love song.  It's a reunion of two lovers separated by a wall not too different from a Berlin Wall when it's coming down.  It's exultant and full of excitement.  In respect to this great event that's happening, the boy and girl have their own solo experience as well as together in the end, and it's very much the happy ending you expect from this sort of story.  Along with the choral vocals, it's the perfect song to me.

Level Up

So let me end with this encouraging song about stop living vicariously and just start just living.  I know it's a lesson I'm constantly needing to be reminded of.  Stop overthinking (right) and go for it.  So that's what I want you to do.  Stop thinking and just get your tickets to see Vienna with me!  Next week we'll be back to our regular programming.


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