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Welcome to Hesaves Productions, the official place to find the musings, rantings and works of fiction by Jonathan Moy.  Please come back soon as exciting things are on their way.


With bright eyes and fears unlearned, I called out to the void,
And the void said nothing in return.

With all my hopes and dreams, I did not know where to start.
So I began with the things I loved and held close to my heart,
Expressing the greatest moments I have ever known.
There was the first time I rode my bike without crashing,
And when I first fell in love, my life with her in my mind flashing.
Though I spoke bravely about my joys, the void was silent as stone.

I then turned to the things I feared the most.
The darkest recesses of my mind I did not withhold.
I spoke of the shameful secrets I never told,
And the rejection I so actively tried to evade.
So many days and years of my life I’ve wasted
Because of the letdown I was afraid.
Yet through it all, the void was empty and cold.

Now knowing eyes look into the dark,
And reality of my aloneness becomes stark.
I wondered why I spoke to the void at all,
For certainly the silence meant it did not care.
Try as I might in my growing despair,
The void could not spare a moment to heed my call.

So should I give up telling my stories to the void?
There are still so many things I have yet to speak about,
But the deafening apathy has my confidence destroyed.
Should I keep it in as I’ve done before?
For there is no one but the void within earshot.
There is no one else with whom I can share.


The void will never beat me though it may try.
I will continue shouting into the empty spaces.
Every baby step I take, and every tear I dry,
Will give me strength to fight and embrace.
For I have come too far to let the void win.
With all of my might, I will fight and fight and fight
Until the void has a reply.

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