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So News ... After Four Months

I apologize for the radio silence, but we're finally back with some news for once.  After trying my hand with epublishing my book at Smashwords for the past year, I've decided to go a little more traditional route with Kindle.  So now you can purchase a digital copy of "The Rose's Thorn" at amazon.com, and perhaps it will be a little bit easier than the more complicated way you got the book on Smashwords.  The only downfall is that the book is not DRM free like before.  That's the price of "selling out," I suppose.  You can find the Amazon link here.

If you have already purchased the book on Smashwords, you will still be able to access the book DRM free on that site, so have no fear.  As an early adopter, you receive all the perks.  If you have already read the book and would like to do me a solid favor, please leave a review on my book page.  Feel free to be honest, but please be gentle.  =)

I'm starting down this road of trying to be more serious about advertising my book, so look for other new things in the future.  Spoiler alert -- it involves Twitter and a fairly good chance of a printed release of the book. 


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