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Not all the things you buy from the trunk of someone's car are sketchy.

So the new shipment of books came in and are now available to be purchased from me.  There are three ways you can buy the book at this point, and I'll highlight the reasons you would purchase it from that particular site.

Available on Amazon.  You'd purchase it from Amazon because A.) you simply trust Amazon for all your products in your life, B.) you have Amazon Prime and can save on the shipping that way, or C.) you live somewhere very far away from Seattle.  Only drawback is that if you don't have Prime, it  might be the priciest of the options available, and it doesn't come pre-autographed by the author.  (Oh yes, I'll get to that point soon.)

Available on Createspace.  You'd purchase it from Createspace because A.)sure, it cost more, but my commission on Createspace is much more than Amazon, B.) however if you don't have an Amazon Prime account, I believe the shipping and handling from this site is cheaper than Amazon.  One drawback about this option, like Amazon, is that your copy will not come pre-autographed.

You can buy it directly from the author.  This option would be the cheapest because you are buying from us at a discount.  $12 instead of $15.99.  As well, I will absolutely sign your copy before delivery of said product.  The drawback is that you have to live in the greater Seattle metropolitan area where we can arrange delivery.  If this is an option you'd like to consider, email at jonathan@hesavesproductions.com with the subject line Book Request.  You will be emailed instructions on how to proceed.  Valid forms of payment are cash, check or Paypal.

You can buy it directly from this website.  Shortly in the future, the store at this website will open with the option to purchase the book.  You would use this option if you want to purchase the book at the $12 price, want to use a credit card for payment and/or want a book signed by me.  The only drawback is that the shipping and handling will probably be more than the other options, but details will be posted shortly once pricing is determined.

That's all for now.  Please note when ordering directly from me -- please be patient as it's just a one-man operation.  The books will hopefully be delivered in a timely matter with as much communication as possible along the way.  Lastly, regardless of what option you choose, I'd be more than happy to sign your copy if that would make you happy.  Enjoy, and happy summer time reading.


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